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MLM industry take use of many concepts and plans in order to sale their products and services with team efforts. Expert teams at our company include several MLM Consultants, software developers, web designers, software testers and customer support assistants. All of them have a great work experience in our company in many fields such as designing, developing, marketing, etc. We have delivered our quality work to both domestic and international MLM customers and networkers. Our expert team is always ready to present their new innovative ideas and MLM Concepts to embed in to MLM Software.

Our MLM Consultants are always ready to do analysis of your MLM plan to ensure that you can earn great benefit from your MLM Business.

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MLM Business Plans

There are many MLM Business Plans going on in the MLM industry. Some of them are listed below:-

Donation Plan/Gift Plan/Help Plan:-

It is one of the latest business plans which are in use in business marketing networks nowadays. Its basic strategy lies upon the theme to “gift someone to get many donations in return”. In detail, this means to use give one and receive mutliple theory. This plan is considered as illegal in Inida. Indian Government has declared this plan as money laundering. But, still the MLM Help Plan is very popular in International Companies, Market, networkers and leaders who are getting huge earnings and profits out of it in a very short span of time. This is also known as “Money Order” MLM plan.

The expert team at our company deisgn and develop such donation plans for those MLM companies who give their legal approval in their country. Manual or Auto Help Settings, receipt upload facility, help transactional history, help receive history, etc are some of the donation plans provided.

MLM Binary Plan:-

This business plan is one of the “first choice” plans of most of the MLM Companies or business professionals. This binary plan can be 1:1 or 2:1. In this, a distributor can recuit 2 more distributors in his right or left side and further grow similar trees on both sides.

This multilevel marketing compensation plan permit members to have atleast 2 fore-front members only. If more than two members are sponsored by a member, then the extra ones are positioned at levels which are below the fore-front of member who is sponsoring. This structure grows faster and faster and thus is helpful for business to grow quickly.

Several advantages of this plan include:-

  • Team sales can make you earn rewards.
  • Extra incentive is generated through matching bonuses.
  • The payouts are much more.
  • It pays to endless downline, i.e., a member is paid by downline. It doesn’t matter even if the downline is “15 level” down in your structure.
  • Your upline would then position the new members under your power leg. This is known as “spillover”.
  • It builds up team cooperation and unity energy.
  • You only have to focus on building “Money Leg” of your business. The “power leg” would be built by the experienced and senior managers in your company.
  • This plan is beneficial for even the average or less than average marketers to succeed and achieve economic freedom.

MLM Matrix Plan:-

This plan is also known as “forced matrix plan” or “ladder plan”. In this, an MLM leader can recruit limited new members in depth and width. It is a “multilevel marketing” compensation plan having several variations in its business model. The tree grows in “nXn” set depth and width. This ultimately permits the members to have only “set” number of members in the fore-front according to the “set” width only. In case a member sponsors “m” number of members which are greater than “n”, then the extra ones are positioned at levels which are below the fore-front of the sponsoring member.

The matrix tree can be of several sizes such as 2*2, 4*4, 3*3…n*n. In this matrix plan, the position of all the members are aligned sequentially from top to bottom and left to right. A member is not allowed to select his/her position. He is only allowed to select the sponsor only. The members receive commission on the basis of level for a specific payout time period. For eg: if the tree structure is of 3*3, then one member can have 3 members and is paid for 3 levels.

Our company has expert team members and consultants who can suggest best MLM Matrix Plan for your business company that can lead you to maximum profit.

MLM Mobile Recharge Plan plus DTH Network Recharge Plan:-

This plan is one of the recently launched and latest MLM Concept in the market. In this plan, every MLM leader connects with the plan to get a DTH Network Recharge or a Mobile Recharge distributorship. In this way, they can start their new business in DTH and Mobile. On every recharge in mobile or DTH provide compensation to the distributor. No need of internet connection is required for recharging in DTH or Mobile.

With the help of this new MLM Concept for customers, they can new easily become Mobile or DTH Network distributor and earn lots of money out of it. Any networker is free to join the MLM Company and then they would be assigned an agency for recharging mobile or DTH for people. The MLM Company also credits their ratio of profit shares.

This plan involves services such as:-

  • Recharge history of Mobile or DTH.
  • Port or select their service provider.
  • Balance transferring using mobile.
  • Recharge DTH or mobile through your own phone.

MLM Uni-Level Plan:-

This plan is one of the simplest MLM plan beneficial basically for multi-level marketing organizations. Under this, every sponsor is allowed to recruit new members into their frontline in infinite width. Compensation is also provided to the sponsor up to a specific depth. Also, the newly recruited members also put great efforts to raise their frontlines and get profit. A sponsor introducing a specific number of new members is always rewarded.

Several Marketing Companies are using this Uni-level plan to increase the profit level of their organization. One smartest feature of this plan is its “simplicity”. This helps in explaining it to the new members who are interested in joining MLM Business.

Our company’s most experience consultants, web designers, developer and team members of years of experience can suggest the best Uni Level Plan for small business owners in need of simple MLM plans for their business.

MLM Board Plan:-

This MLM plan is also known as “Revolving Matrix Plan”. This plan is lately been adopted by a number of international and domestic MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Companies and organizations. By using this board plan, all of them had earned great profit money. In this plan, large number of members’ works in a single group called as “board”. A single board contains a specific number of members. It then splits up into two sub parts and the member at the top is promoted to next higher level of board. He then gets more compensation or incentive.

Our company has many experienced MLM designers, developers and consultants who can design best MLM Board Plans for your business organization to gain more and more profit in sales.

MLM Generation Plan:-

This MLM Plan as the name suggests is based upon profit shares. It offers MLM organizations to save costly traditional methods of advertisements such as newspapers, television, radio and other sources, etc. This plan is totally based on selling your products effectively and thus is known to be the most motivational MLM Plan for business growth. This plan is best suitable for those companies who manufacture products that can be consumed and need those products to sold straight to the end users. For those requirements, seeing the current marketing competition, it is very necessary to present your products to the end users through advertising them on sources such as newspapers, TV, etc to make them reach the users instantly. These advertising techniques can cost a great amount of money from you. But, MLM Generation Plan gives an excellent opportunity for you to save your money for these advertising. MLM is a business of group of people working for themselves and others in the network. Lots of efforts are being put by the distributors to sale their products by advertising through mouth.

The “profit sharing” concept of this Generation Plan implies that the manufacturer shares his publicity expenses straight to his distributors. When a product is sold by a distributor, then the volume is distributed towards up lines. This is why this plan is known as “Generation Plan”.

Our MLM Consultants and developers had generated best MLM Generation Plans for several clients and all of them are fully pleased by our services and are running their company successfully.

MLM Stair Step Plan:-

This MLM Plan is based on target and team efforts. Every member is allotted a particular designation and also given a “set” target for services and products sales. When a product or service is sold by a down-line member, then a ratio of the total sale is distributed among all up-lines also. Thus, it is known to be both “self” and “group” sales. The sales points are counted in both “self” and “grouped” accounts. Each step is based on a specific volume of target of sales. Whenever any of the member meets up his/her target sale or points, then he/she is promoted to the next higher level and additional compensation or incentives are added to his account.

Thus, this plan is helpful for those who are interested in making their business successful with group power. This is useful for business owners who are new in the market.

Let us show you an example of MLM Stair Step Plan with an example to understand it clearly. If you are planning to run a MLM Company with having MLM Stair Step Plan, then it can create some advertising designation for your distributors such as:-

  • Level 1: Promotion - Associate - Target – 10%.
  • Level 2: Promotion – Field officer - Target – 20%.
  • Level 3: Promotion – Area Manager - Target – 30%.
  • Level 4: Promotion – Division Leader - Target – 60%.
  • Level 5: Promotion – Senior Office Coordinator - Target – 80%.

Sales of Down-lines are counted to Up-line volumes. The best consultants and MLM designers and developers are here at our company to provide you the best MLM Stair Step Plan for your business to achieve rising heights in the market.

MLM Australian Binary Plan:-

It is one of the most effective MLM Business Plan and lately been adopted by a number of multi-level marketing organizations to gain huge profit in their sales. In this plan, every introducer requires at least three members for front down-line and then compensated by the new member recruits of third down-line.

Success in Multi level marketing Business stays on the knowledge and experience of MLM Planning. Only effective and results producing MLM software, correct directional MLM Business Consultancy can help you achieve your targeted business goals.

In MLM Australian Binary Plan, the right and left sub tree is with third sub tree and here no matching pairs are needed in order to gain compensation. To say in short, it puts up the concept where a minimum of three down-line child members are needed under a single introducer parent. In this MLM Marketing Plan, the effects of team efforts are shown as a result and they determine the growth of the business.

The expert team of MLM Consultants, designers, developers, assistants and managers at our company has developed a number of best MLM Australian Binary Plans for a number of Multi Level Marketing Companies all over the world. Our team members have worked with us for years and provided best quality results to all our clients and satisfied them to full extent. They have gained utmost experience in every business field and are updated with all the latest technology variations that can help our clients in making their business reach the heights easily.

Easy Assistance of MLM Software Company:

In order to hire professional services of MLM Software in India contact us now.

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